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An Apocalyptic Need

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An Apocalyptic Need - Plot & Excerpts

She nodded, clasping his hand in both of hers. “I pray it works, Kord.”
“You and me both, beauty.” He squeezed her hands. “Whatever happens, remember I love you.”
She frowned. “You’re not exactly instilling confidence here, hunter.”
Audie summoned the word he’d chosen and embraced it, infusing it with his unique energy to give it authority. He held both of Yeira’s hands in his own, peering intently down at her. “Pull together every feeling, every thought or observation tied to this person from your visions. Every nuance of the dream you can isolate. It’s all the energy will have to work with once I set it free.”
She nodded.
“Squeeze my hands when you’re ready, glowbug.”
She grinned at his use of the childhood nickname. Audie kissed her knuckles and then watched her carefully as she closed her eyes and worked on focusing the images she’d been dreaming of, trying to wrestle details from a fog of implication and sensations. It would be a miracle if they could pull it off.

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