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Read Beware Of The Trains (1987)

Beware of the Trains (1987)

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Beware Of The Trains (1987) - Plot & Excerpts

Who burglarised the train heading for Victoria Station, and whatever became of its conductor?Did the village idiot or Mrs Foley murder the mean-spirited Edgar Foley, or could the constable be responsible for the devious deed?Who on Earth will be able to untangle the affair of the disappearing car, the black necktie, and the abortive theft?Enter Gervase Fen, Oxford professor and sometime super-sleuth, an expert at solving cases that baffle even the most astute policemen. These sixteen short classics by a master of the modern detective story will test your crime solving abilities as well; Edmund Crispin has provided all the clues you need to detect the solution, using logic and common sense. Can you meet the challenge?Contents: Beware of the trains — Humbleby Agonistes — The drowning of Edgar Foley — “Lacrimae rerum” — Within the gates — Abhorrèd shears — The little room — Express delivery — A pot of paint — The quick brown fox — Black for a funeral — The name on the window — The golden mean — Otherwhere — The evidence for the Crown — Deadlock

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