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Bound to the Vampire

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Bound To The Vampire - Plot & Excerpts

Though he was fluent in thirty six languages, the words on the page bled together until he couldn’t trust his eyes.
“What the hell is this?” He didn’t mean to thunder the words, didn’t intend for the lamp on his desk to quake at the ferocity of his tone. Nor did he expect his assistant, his wonderful, brilliant assistant to pull her shoulders down and back and stare at him head on.
She’d gotten past the cowering thing years ago, so he didn’t know why a shock of surprise at her defiance coursed through him now.
“Exactly what it says it is. My two weeks’ notice.”
“You’re not going to change my mind, Latham.”
He turned and stared out the window. The courtyard was empty save for one couple in the corner. A volleyball game was in full swing on the sand, and two werewolves were paddling out to the waves.
Just another day in paradise.
Except that paradise was crashing down around his ears. Why had it never occurred to him that Rosanna wouldn’t remain by his side forever?

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