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Read Camp Utopia & The Forgiveness Diet (9781940192567) (2014)

Camp Utopia & the Forgiveness Diet (9781940192567) (2014)

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Camp Utopia & The Forgiveness Diet (9781940192567) (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

For the first time in three weeks I spent the night alone. In a few hours, I’d showered, done laundry, and relinquished Hollywood’s cell phone on the bathroom counter for her to find in the morning.
I wondered how to fill the four hours until morning, so I made Liliana’s bed and attempted to knit. Then I drafted a letter on my new stationery.
Dear Gabe & Liliana, Please forgive me for sending you chocolate, liliana—it was beyond stupid, it was borderline homicidal. Thank you for being a great roomie and for being so hip and fashionable. I don’t blame you if you hate me but maybe you’ll get over it one day.
Gabe, for the record, you are the only person who didn’t make me feel like a freak. thank you for not only looking at me, but for liking what you saw. I’m sorry I let you both down.
I tore it up and tried again: L + G, I’m sorry about the chocolate. I wouldn’t expect you to 4give me, but if u do pls email me [email protected] I’m glad I met you both.
I stuffed it inside a yellow envelope and left it on Liliana’s desk.

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