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Charlene Sands

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Charlene Sands - Plot & Excerpts

He unhitched the horse from the buggy and took the time he needed to settle his nerves. He hadn’t been sure what he’d stumble upon when he’d approached the Cowper homestead, but Greta’s urgent warning had played havoc with his imagination.Ralph Cowper would have known his sorriest day if he’d struck Tess. Clint wouldn’t have abided that. He didn’t take kindly to any abuse of women, whether verbal, physical or emotional. It was obvious Tess felt a need to champion the cause. But she shouldn’t go putting herself into dangerous situations. It was a good thing Clint arrived when he had.He wondered again who had hurt Tess and why. What were the circumstances that caused such a beauty to marry a man thrice her age? Had she been so badly treated that she only felt safe with a dying man?Last night he’d savored every moment she’d been in his arms. Once he’d realized her virginity, he’d been as tender as he knew how to be. He’d wanted to cradle her, protect her and treasure her through the night.Her taste remained in his mouth.

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