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Christmas Male

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Jillian Hart

Christmas Male - Plot & Excerpts

"But the house is looking real festive." "I had to do something to keep me busy." Maggie fussed with the garland she'd made, settling it into place on the mantel. Making decorations had kept her from being disappointed all afternoon, since another big storm had blown in, bringing more snow. "It does look festive," she agreed, studying her work. "When Bill said that the eastbound train wouldn't be coming until tomorrow, I was a little disheartened." "You want to spend the holiday with your family, I understand." Winston strolled over, his boots knelling on hardwood. "But if this storm blows through quick, the trains will be running again. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve. You'll be with your sister by suppertime." "That will be nice." She liked that idea. The only problem with it was that in leaving, she would be leaving Miles. The kiss they'd shared had proved impossible to forget.
    "You look like you need help with that, missy," Winston said, always a gentleman.
    "Oh, no thanks.

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