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Collateral Damage (From the Damage)

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Sun&Moon Ink

Collateral Damage (From The Damage) - Plot & Excerpts

It was late, at least eleven o’clock, and part of him hoped she was still awake. He climbed the stairs, and in the dark of night he saw his reflection in the screen door. His lip was busted and blood trickled from a cut around his eyebrow. The bruising and swelling made him look almost unrecognizable.
    He knew that in just a few minutes, Meagan wouldn’t be able to recognize him either, and it would have nothing to do with the damage to his face. And even though she was the most amazing person he knew, the strongest, the sweetest, how could somebody even as pure spirited as her forgive him for such a cruel act?
    Lost in thought, he barely realized the door was opening, making him flash back to reality. There Meagan stood, a crutch under her arm to help support her broken leg, wearing a purple t-shirt and pajama pants. Her red hair hung across her shoulder in a wave of fiery curls. The beauty of her make-up free face and the innocent expression on it took him by surprise and he lost all concentration, lost all of the words he’d prepared to say.

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