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Dark as Night

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Dark As Night - Plot & Excerpts

They’d received a call from the East Renfrewshire Constabulary late that afternoon. Only a handful of officers were left on their floor at headquarters. The DC she spoke to then e-mailed over a series of photographs. Bevan had printed them off and was carrying them in her briefcase right now.               Dani approached the building and pressed on the buzzer. It was Carol’s voice that crackled over the intercom.               ‘It’s DCI Bevan, may I come up?’              The external door clicked open. Dani pushed through and mounted the stairs. When she reached the top, the door to the Calders’ flat was already ajar. Bevan hoped to God that Andy was in there. The DCI wasn’t sure she could face Carol alone, not knowing what she did about her husband.               It was Andy who was standing in the doorway waiting for her. He looked strange, his expression distant. ‘Has there been a development in the case, Ma’am?’              ‘Yes,’ Dani answered, following her colleague into the kitchen.

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