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Death On the Flop (2010)

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Death On The Flop (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

I snuggled deeper under the covers. Frank’s voice was just playing into my dreams, which included doing X-rated things at one hundred miles an hour.
“Do you always sleep this way?”
“I said, do you always sleep this way?”
I cracked open an eye and saw Frank’s right eyebrow hitched in question. Uh-oh. Real life was coming back to me. I was naked. I grappled for the covers. I was on my side, covers tangled around my middle, bare leg over a spare pillow. I think the important parts had been covered, but unless Frank thought I wore a strapless thong nightie, he probably figured out the answer to his question.
This wasn’t the way I’d planned him to be viewing my forty-year-old body, with the afternoon light streaming in, highlighting every imperfection. I sighed. Oh well, all he wanted was cookies anyway.
“I was wondering if you sleep walk, because I think I want to be your roommate a little longer.”
“Very funny,” I told his mile wide grin.
He sat down on the edge of the bed.

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