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Demon's Plaything (2014)

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Lydia Rowan

Demon's Plaything (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

Nana would have killed her, cleanliness and godliness and all that, but she didn’t care. She was bone-tired from the day, sex sleepy from the night, and more than she wanted to admit, she wasn’t quite ready to wash off traces of Demon.
She couldn’t suppress the chuckle at his name. Silly name for a silly man, yet she wouldn’t pretend she wasn’t infused with warmth at the sound of it, by the man himself. She lay on her back staring at the ceiling, goofy smile that she couldn’t wipe away spread across her face. When she shifted her body, it set off a series of throbs between her legs, and her pussy clenched, grasping at the remembered feel of his thick cock filling her, the emptiness that he’d left in his wake burning inside her, making her crave him again. She wished he’d stayed. That sweet pang in her womb was something she suspected only he could satisfy, but beyond that, she just wanted him, wanted to hold him, touch him, stare into those twinkling eyes.
Demon brought her comfort, took her mind away from the world and made her feel.

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