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Read Encyclopedia Brown And The Case Of The Dead Eagles (1994)

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Eagles (1994)

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Encyclopedia Brown And The Case Of The Dead Eagles (1994) - Plot & Excerpts

We've been giving the boys some reading assignments because they're very good readers, but they won't stretch themselves if they don't have to. We assigned this book this past week for Drystan (almost 6 years old.)We have an old copy of this book from when Seth was a kid, and I don't know if they've updated it. Drystan could read most of the words, but some of the context was dated enough that he struggled to understand it. For example, one of the stories hinged on something that had to do with someone going to a shoe repair shop. How many kids can relate to shoes needing to be repaired or being worth enough to have them repaired rather than replaced? And there was actually a story that I thought was a little objectionable. To solve one of the mysteries, Encyclopedia's dad, a police officer, directed him to wander alone through an adult Halloween costume party where Encyclopedia didn't know anyone, they were serving alcohol, and some of the adults were fall down drunk. In a modern context, that would have been totally unsafe.The stories were okay, but I would hope that by the time a kid could follow new characters and details for each story, they'd want to move beyond simple language and vocabulary.

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