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Finding Darcy (2009)

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Finding Darcy (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

Bailey, Dylan and Ava cracked up. I smiled and bit into my sandwich. A shudder slithered down my spine at the Vegemite that was layered on as thick and black as road tar. ‘Darcy, that was funny,’ said Laura, frowning. ‘Yeah, but my lunch isn’t.’ I checked Loz out, trying to see her as Misery did. ‘Basketball?’ asked Bailey, climbing to his feet. Dylan crumpled his lunch wrap. ‘I’m in.’ ‘Me, too,’ said Ava. ‘Be over in a minute.’ Laura studied my face. ‘Is everything okay, Darce?’ Okay? My mum had abandoned me with a disgusting old witch and a vacant lot, The Newt’s project could provoke Armageddon and Misery’s mountains of blankets squeezed not only the breath out of me, but any chance of sleep. ‘I’m fine.’ ‘You sure? Because you’re kind of...’ ‘Hey, Mum bought...’ Ahead, between the oval and the portable classrooms, The Newt lectured two Year 10 boys. The shorter guy tucked in his school shirt and straightened his tie. The taller one stared at his feet.

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