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Read Series: 24 Declassified

by Author John Whitman


24 Declassified: Veto Power (2005)

The next twenty-four hours will be crucial to America's survival. A determined band of terrorists holds the key to bringing down the government by plunging the country into darkness, fear, and chaos -- a nightmare born not in a distant enemy land . . . but rather in the heart of America itself. ...

24 Declassified: Veto Power (2005) by John Whitman

24 Declassified: Trojan Horse (2006)

The eyes of the world are watchingA powerful world leader is expected to join the Hollywood elite at a star-studded ceremony to be broadcast around the globe. But security has been severely compromised -- and a plot is already in motion to turn the Los Angeles Chamberlain Auditorium into a grueso...

24 Declassified: Trojan Horse (2006) by Marc Cerasini