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Read Series: A Faerie Tale Romance

by Author Linda Jones


Cinderfella (1998)

AN AMERICAN PRINCESS The daughter of a Kansas cattle tycoon, Charmaine Haley was given a royal welcome on her return from Boston: a masquerade. But the spirited beauty was aware of her father's matchmaking schemes, and she felt sure there would be no shoe-ins for her affection ... ON THE BALL ...

Cinderfella (1998) by Linda Jones

De Buty & The Beast (2002)

The Beast of Rose HillThe Victorian splendor of the Sedleys' manor was a startling incongruity next to its half-naked heiress, but Julian was not surprised; he'd heard rumors of Anya's behavior since her shipwreck with pirates in the Caribbean. The young woman had been made a deity—a love goddess...

De Buty & The Beast (2002) by Linda Jones