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Read Series: Alan Lewrie

by Author Dewey Lambdin


A King's Trade (2006)

"The powder-packed thirteenth installment in a classic naval adventure series. " Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, is just discovering the truth of the old adage that "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!" After a bout of Yellow Fever decimated the crew of Lewrie's HMS "Proteus "in 1797, it had "seemed ...

A King's Trade (2006) by Dewey Lambdin

The King's Commission (1996)

It seems, judging from hints in this third volume, that Lewrie has managed to clear himself of the charges maliciously leveled by his erstwhile father, and gained a bit of glory for himself in the process. Lt. Kenyon returns to haunt him briefly, but Alan parries Kenyon’s attempts to get Alan int...

The King's Commission (1996) by Dewey Lambdin

A King's Commander (2008)

So, second Alan Lewrie book I've read (back to back) this week. I like these books and wish I could give them a bit higher rating. I'm sure others will but for me every time Alan leaves his ship the story slows to a crawl.Alan has received his first command here and having received promotion to C...

A King's Commander (2008) by Dewey Lambdin

H.M.S. Cockerel (1995)

A few years ago I "stumbled on" the Alan Lewrie books by Dewey Lambdin. Being a huge fan of the Hornblower books these caught my interest. I'd never been able to get into the Patrick O'Brian novels (though at some point I may try again) but these I found quite good...with one caveat. Some of you ...

H.M.S. Cockerel (1995) by Dewey Lambdin

The Gun Ketch (2006)

It's 1786 and Alan Lewrie has his own ship at last, the Alacrity. Small but deadly, the Alacrity prowls the waters of the Caribbean, protecting British merchants from pirates. But Lewrie is still the same old rakehell he always was. Scandal sets tongues wagging in the Bahamas as the young captain...

The Gun Ketch (2006) by Dewey Lambdin