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Read Series: Alo Nudger

by Author John Lutz


Nightlines (1987)

Her twin sister Jenine had been murdered, and Jeanette Boyington wanted St. Louis-based private eye Alo Nudger to help find the killer. Nudger knew he shouldn't take the case, knew it wasn't a good idea to get involved in an active police investigation. But he needed the work, and so he agreed ...

Nightlines (1987) by John Lutz

The Right to Sing the Blues (2001)

St. Louis detective Alo Nudger is hired to go to New Orleans and investigate a singer for a legendary jazz man named Fat Jack. Only certain people don't want Nudger poking around in their business...This is the third book in the Nudger series and John Lutz seems to have hit a good rhythm. Nudge...

The Right to Sing the Blues (2001) by John Lutz

Ride the Lightning (2001)

AN ALO NUDGER MYSTERY No one thought Curtis Colt had been railroaded for the shooting of a liquor store owner, least of all St. Louis private investigator Alo Nudger. It had been an open-and-shut case of cold-blooded murder, and the people of Missouri were just waiting for Colt to be strapped int...

Ride the Lightning (2001) by John Lutz