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Read Series: Anno Dracula

by Author Kim Newman


The Bloody Red Baron (1995)

Book Review: The Bloody Red Baronby Kim Newman This book is the startling sequel to the now classic Anno Dracula- the book that re-imagined Bram Stoker’s vampire tale with the premise that Dracula was not defeated by Van Helsing and his friends- but in fact triumphed and ceased control of the Bri...

The Bloody Red Baron (1995) by Kim Newman

Judgment of Tears: Anno Dracula 1959 (1999)

With Book Three of the Anno Dracula series we reach the late 1950’s and 1960’s. A time of European opulence and Mediterranean glamour, epic film making and spy thrillers such as Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Len Deighton’s Harry Palmer. Not to mention vampires.Old Vlad (Count Dracula) is still aro...

Judgment of Tears: Anno Dracula 1959 (1999) by Kim Newman

Anno Dracula (1998)

In Victorian England, history has taken a peculiar turn: Queen Victoria has married Vlad Tepes, who has turned the Queen, restored her youth, and given her eternal life. With the Queen of England and her Prince Consort counted among the undead, it's not long before it becomes a fashionable choice...

Anno Dracula (1998) by Kim Newman