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Read Series: April Woo

by Author Leslie Glass


Hanging Time (1996)

The heat is on NYPD cop April Woo and Dr. Jason Frank to stop a savage killer--and time is not on their side. It all starts at a posh boutique on Manhattan's Upper West Side, when a young salesgirl is viciously slain. In the ensuing turmoil at the police station, ambition and sexual politics coll...

Hanging Time (1996) by Leslie Glass

A Killing Gift (2003)

Just when NYPD lieutenant Bernardino was ready to retire, he won the lottery. But when word of his good fortune gets out, the sharks start circling... and one of them wants to collect on an old debt. Now, April Woo must track her friend's murderer by searching her own tightly knit family of fell...

A Killing Gift (2003) by Leslie Glass

Tracking Time (2001)

April risks her career to investigate the disappearance of a young doctor in Central Park.When Maslow Atkins goes for a quick run and doesn't come back, April's usually flawless cop instincts tell her that he is alive. She orders a massive search using the city's best K-9 tracking unit, though it...

Tracking Time (2001) by Leslie Glass

Judging Time (1999)

This fourth thrilling crime novel featuring Asian-American NYPD Detective April Woo places her in an double-murder investigation involving race, class, sex, and a parasitic media eager to make sensational headlines. The beautiful wife of a former pro football player is found dead alongside her hu...

Judging Time (1999) by Leslie Glass

The Silent Bride (2002)

NYPD homicide detective April Woo ("Tracking Time, Stealing Time") investigates the murders of two brides, both shot by a sniper's bullet. Trying to find how the two brides were connected, April and homicide specialist Mike Sanchez sift through the evidence for clues to the killer's identity. But...

The Silent Bride (2002) by Leslie Glass

Burning Time (1995)

CBS developing series based on book series. Like the main character, female detective April Woo, very much. She is challenged with juggling the old Chinese ways of living and also being a young female detective working in a mostly male environment. The crime itself, however, seemed unnecessarily ...

Burning Time (1995) by Leslie Glass

Loving Time (1997)

In a pricey bachelor pad, a tormented man loses the battle for his soul...and dies a terrible death, apparently by his own hand....In a huge hospital complex, an ex-nurse steals through the halls, hiding behind a phony ID...and plotting to exact a terrifying revenge....In an elegant high-rise, a ...

Loving Time (1997) by Leslie Glass

Stealing Time (2000)

NYPD Detective April Woo finds herself caught between New York City powerhouse politics and ethnic expectations when a young Chinese-American mother is beaten unconscious, and her newborn son is gone. The woman's domineering husband wants to control the entire investigation. The mayor wants the c...

Stealing Time (2000) by Leslie Glass