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Read Series: Beyond Duet

by Author Emma Holly


Beyond Seduction (2002)

To avoid marriage, Merry Vance has concocted a sinfully scandalous scheme: to pose for Nicolas Craven, London's most sought-after artist. No man in his right mind would marry a woman who posed nude for this notorious rogue.But Nicolas has his own plans for the fiesty young woman. And Merry has no...

Beyond Seduction (2002) by Emma Holly

Beyond Innocence (2001)

Emma Holly turns up the heat in this sinfully sensuous story of a family plagued by scandal—and a shy young woman who discovers a passion beyond her wildest dreams... When her beloved father passes away, Florence Fairleigh finds herself alone in the world. All she wants is a man who will treat h...

Beyond Innocence (2001) by Emma Holly