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Read Series: Blue Shoes

by Author J.J. Knight


Blue Shoes, Vol. 1 (2000)

This review is of the series ***The Blue Shoes Trilogy is a spin off of another series of books J.J. Knight wrote. It's true that you can enjoy these books without reading the prior series, as I did. I was immediately hooked in Volume 1, and just a heads up - it is a cliffhanger. In Volume 2 Dyla...

Blue Shoes, Vol. 1 (2000) by J.J.  Knight

Blue Shoes #1 (2000)

I RECEIVED THIS AS A ARC for a honest review. Thank u Jj Knight for the honors :) OMG, Jj has done it again. first let me say if u havent aleady read The Revenge series then u really should. I love love Dylan and Jess.. They r a match made in heaven. Dylan is a rock star and Jess is a musis e...

Blue Shoes #1 (2000) by J.J.  Knight