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Read Series: Born To Darkness

by Author Evangeline Anderson


Scarlet Heat (2013)

This one is about Taylor (vampire) & Victor (Wolf). Their relationship started in Crimson Debt (the first book in this series), and becomes the main story in this book. I wish there was more Corbin in it, but it was full of action & mystery. What started in book one comes to a head and is finishe...

Scarlet Heat (2013) by Evangeline Anderson

Crimson Debt (2013)

I have enjoyed many of Anderson's "Brides of the Kindred" series, and was curious to see if/how this paranormal differed from her science fiction works.Either way, Anderson can be relied upon to write stories with interesting plots and characters that make you want to read on...WOW..Alec Corbin.....

Crimson Debt (2013) by Evangeline Anderson