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Read Series: Call Of The Wilde

by Author Laura Morrigan


A Tiger's Tale (2014)

A fun and fast read. I liked the first one better imho but this is a solid addition to the series. My contention was that nothing really happens in the first half of the book and then suddenly everything is crammed in the second half. I love Moss, his scenes are always adorable. Wish Kai had mor...

A Tiger's Tale (2014) by Laura Morrigan

Woof at the Door (2013)

This book was one of those books that you stay up most of the night reading. It was a great, suspense filled start to what looks like a great series.Even though Grace speaks to animals, she doesn't make a big deal out of it, which I really liked. Sure, she's self-conscious about it, but if you co...

Woof at the Door (2013) by Laura Morrigan