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Read Series: Captive

by Author Fern Michaels


Captive Passions (1987)

What a great, old bodice ripper! Yes, it's silly and OTT with 1970s feminist rants from the heroine, cartoonish pirate costumes, a catty mistress-villain, a crass and dimbulb hero, references aplenty to maimed manhoods, and exploding volcanoes for a climax, but it was hellacious fun.The story sta...

Captive Passions (1987) by Fern Michaels

Captive Secrets (2005)

Swashbuckling fun and romance with mystery thrown in. Fern Michaels does a wonderful job of recreating the the pirate filled world of the South Pacific. She adds some intrigue with the primary characters Furana (Fury) van der Rhys and Luis Domingo fighting to maintain their identities but wantin...

Captive Secrets (2005) by Fern Michaels

Captive Embraces (1983)

Bestselling author Fern Michaels has thrilled generations of readers with her glorious love stories and sweeping romantic sagas. Here is a classic historical tale of passion on the high seas as one woman dares to win back the man who stole her fortune‚Äďand her heart. . . .Proud and beautiful Siren...

Captive Embraces (1983) by Fern Michaels

Captive Splendors (1983)

As Old Skool romances go, this one wasn't all that bad. On the other hand it never reached the exalted So Bad It's Good level I was so hoping for.This is the third book in a series I hadn't read before. Thankfully the first few chapters give an adequate outline of who is who and what is what so I...

Captive Splendors (1983) by Fern Michaels