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Read Series: Cass Jameson

by Author Carolyn Wheat


Mean Streak (1997)

"Dazzlingly plotted...required reading for anybody who remembers the '60s -- or anybody who's forgotten them". -- Kirkus Reviews"A bitter story of youthful commitment, folly and corruption". -- New York Times Book ReviewBrooklyn defense attorney Cass Jameson faces the most difficult case of her c...

Mean Streak (1997) by Carolyn Wheat

Dead Man's Thoughts (1983)

Nominated for an Edgar Award, this book puts the spotlight on a new voice in mystery writing as she introduces her witty, gritty heroine, Cass Jameson. When her lover and colleague, Nathan Wasserstein, is murdered and the main suspect is a street hustler, Cass must face two possibilities--either ...

Dead Man's Thoughts (1983) by Carolyn Wheat

Fresh Kills (1995)

A very engaging mystery... but the author had some odd views on abortion and adoption that caused me to spend the book trying to figure out if she had a political agenda. Perhaps she herself is conflicted on those issues? Several characters made comments to the effect of 'I don't understand why t...

Fresh Kills (1995) by Carolyn Wheat

Where Nobody Dies (1996)

A spellbinding mystery from the author of Fresh Kills. Brooklyn attorney Cass Jameson is putting every effort into finding Linda Ritchie's killer. Even though Brad, Linda's ex-husband, is the prime suspect, Cass is convinced that the real killer is on the loose, especially when she finds out that...

Where Nobody Dies (1996) by Carolyn Wheat