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Read Series: Catteni

by Author Anne McCaffrey


Freedom's Challenge (1999)

OK, I really would like to talk more about the story, but I'm just so distracted by what McCaffrey has made Kris into, which is truly appalling. In the last book, I was incensed because Kris was, in effect, raped while drunk. Bad enough that McCaffrey trivialized the fact that that does happen to...

Freedom's Challenge (1999) by Anne McCaffrey

Freedom's Landing (1996)

Setting: the planets of Brerevi and Botany, I'm not sure of the time-line, but it was contemporary to the time it was written, I think.Genre: Sci/fi, adventure, a touch of romanceHave you ever read a book by an author you spent your adolescence with and the "new" book turns out to be less than yo...

Freedom's Landing (1996) by Anne McCaffrey

Freedom's Choice (1998)

Although the blurb really doesn't give any clues beyond what was pretty much established in book one, this really was a much better book, structure and story-wise. More things happened, there were clearer goals and objectives, and, after a slowish start, it was paced better.However, there are two...

Freedom's Choice (1998) by Anne McCaffrey

Freedom's Ransom (2015)

While I do appreciate the fact that at no point in this book did Kris get herself drunk and knocked up by someone other than her partner, I nevertheless wonder why McCaffrey wrote this book. Freedom's Challenge ended with an openness that certainly made another sequel possible, but it also seemed...

Freedom's Ransom (2015) by Anne McCaffrey