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Read Series: Christian's Coven

by Author Lynn Hagen


Ceri (2013)

I have to say this is quite honestly one of Ms Hagen's darkest books to date. I know Rhys' story was entitled "The darker side of love" but damn. As an avid reader of Lynn Hagen's books I have been waiting on Ceri's story with baited breath and she did not disappoint. I am not going to give a rev...

Ceri (2013) by Lynn Hagen

Christian's Menace (2011)

I listened to the audio version of this book. I feel I should start this review with a qualifier. This book is published by Siren Publishing, which is kind of like the McDonalds of the mm romance (and mf for that matter) publishing world, IMHO. They turn out lots of serial based books that rea...

Christian's Menace (2011) by Lynn Hagen