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Read Series: Clockwise

by Author Elle Strauss


Clockwiser (2012)

3.5 stars I liked this book even better than the first one. It was bad enough when Casey took Nate away to the past but it's even worse when her brother Tim goes with her. Tim is your typical teenagers do first think later. He want some action and enlist in the Army. The civil was is going on and...

Clockwiser (2012) by Elle Strauss

Clockwise (2011)

Casey Donovan time travels. The why is never completely explained but I'm hoping it will be in a later book. The traveling doesn't mess up her present day life because she always returns at the exact moment she left. When she's gone, she may stay for days or weeks, she never knows. When she retur...

Clockwise (2011) by Elle Strauss