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Read Series: Cordina's Royal Family

by Author Nora Roberts


Affaire Royale (1993)

Menjadi anggota kerajaan tentunya berbeda dengan masyarakat biasaa. Selain kesenangan berupa akses apapun yang tak terhingga, ada juga ancaman serius akan kehidupan anggota kerajaan. Putri Gabriella, anggota kerajaan Cordina telah merasakannya. Ia diculik oleh segerombolan orang dan kini setelah ...

Affaire Royale (1993) by Nora Roberts

Cordina's Crown Jewel (2002)

Her Royal Highness, Camilla de Cordina, also known as Cordina’s Crown Jewel, had been pushed to the breaking point. The eldest princess of her generation, and an incredible beauty just like her mother, she is hounded by the press, talked about, speculated about, and splashed across magazine cover...

Cordina's Crown Jewel (2002) by Nora Roberts

Command Performance (1993)

This review and many others can be found at: Book Travels It’s interesting seeing Eve again and in a strange relationship with Alexander when we all thought she would end up with the playboy. She was very important on the end of Affaire Royale, by helping save Brie and getting the family attentio...

Command Performance (1993) by Nora Roberts

The Playboy Prince (Cordina #3) (1994)

Bennett si pangeran playboy datang...Setiap keluarga biasanya punya anak yang sifat dan perilakunya paling berbeda dari yang lain. Terkadang jadi yang paling baik, tapi bisa juga jadi yang paling bandel alias nakal. Di keluarga kerajaan Cordina, Bennett-lah yang paling berbeda. Pengeran yang pal...

The Playboy Prince (Cordina #3) (1994) by Nora Roberts