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Read Series: Daedalus Mission

by Author Brian M. Stableford


The Florians (1978)

Excellent sci-fi. Interesting characters, interesting plot, fascinating alien world, some of the ideas about politics and ecology are very clever. Great ending. I don't have too much else to say except that if you get the chance, read it.Meanwhile - the worst feeling in the literary world is when...

The Florians (1978) by Brian M. Stableford

The Paradox of the Sets (1979)

On the planet Geb, the crew of the Daedalus gets involved in a planetary mystery: the indigenous people, while clever and able to follow complex instructions, have no native culture and do not act intelligently of their own volition.The reasons behind this paradox has ramifications far beyond Geb...

The Paradox of the Sets (1979) by Brian M. Stableford