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Read Series: Dalziel & Pascoe

by Author Reginald Hill


The Price of Butcher's Meat (2008)

"If Austen Wrote E-Mail" (NYTimes review) - Reginald Hill, that most playful of genre authors, fancies himself a latter-day Jane Austen in THE PRICE OF BUTCHER’S MEAT (Harper, $26.95), an English mystery-of-manners set in Sandytown, a fictional resort on the Yorkshire coast, and satirizing inbred...

The Price of Butcher's Meat (2008) by Reginald Hill

Deadheads (2003)

Patrick Aldermann, an accountant with a company that makes toilets, is passionate about his roses, which he prunes ruthlessly, 'deadheading' any blossoms a minute past their prime so as to make space for the younger blooms. Not much of a gardener, Dalziel views Patrick as a strong contender for t...

Deadheads (2003) by Reginald Hill

A Clubbable Woman (2004)

PROTAGONISTS: Detective Inspectors Andy Dalziel and Peter PascoeSETTING: 1970s Yorkshire, UKSERIES: #1 of 24RATING: 3.25Fans of Dalziel and Pascoe will be ecstatic to learn that Felony & Mayhem is reissuing all of the books in this series. A CLUBBABLE WOMAN, the first book in the series which was...

A Clubbable Woman (2004) by Reginald Hill

Under World (1989)

En plus des bonnes intrigues et de l’écriture excellente de la série, j’aime les personnages. Dalziel est assez original dans le genre. Il n’est pas du genre à traîner son mal-être et ses questionnements sur la vie, l’univers et le reste comme la plupart des héros policiers. Il n’est pas du genre...

Under World (1989) by Reginald Hill

The Wood Beyond (1997)

I'm definitely running out of things to say about Reginald Hill because it seems I am destined to be never disappointed by his books. This is a very good thing and I'm not complaining. It's taken me several months to get hold of this book as it seemed to be in the middle of a reprint when I finis...

The Wood Beyond (1997) by Reginald Hill

Ruling Passion (1990)

Third of the Dalziel and Pascoe books. At the end of the last book Peter Pascoe had got back together with old flame Ellie, and now they're invited to spend a weekend with four of their old university friends. They're late because Peter's been tied up with a serial burglary case that looks as if ...

Ruling Passion (1990) by Reginald Hill

Recalled to Life (1993)

This really is a great one, if you love Dalziel and Pascoe. I truly enjoyed seeing the Fat Man trying to adjust to New York, and I think Hill must have had some fun with the alternating viewpoints, moving between Britain and USA, and deciding exactly how much of a Crocodile Dalziel he could make...

Recalled to Life (1993) by Reginald Hill

Pictures of Perfection (1995)

Another classic from Reginald Hill. What would a mystery be without a murder? The local bobby has disappeared from Enscombe and soon our favorite three, Sergeant Wíeld, Pascoe and The Fat Man, are sucked into a maelstrom of deception and fantasy that boggle the mind. Without giving away too much ...

Pictures of Perfection (1995) by Reginald Hill

On Beulah Height (Dalziel & Pascoe, #17) (1999)

Seventeenth in the Dalziel and Pascoe mystery series set in contemporary Mid-Yorkshire. My TakeOh wow, oh wow, oh wow...this was good. Can ya tell...I think this was good. I'm still a bit actually thought I was reading the first book in the series and I was so impressed by how...

On Beulah Height (Dalziel & Pascoe, #17) (1999) by Reginald Hill

A Killing Kindness (1987)

As far as I can tell the Yorkshire Ripper came into being in 1975 (although I'd guess that the nickname didn't get invented until a while after that) and Peter Sutcliffe wasn't arrested until 1981. This fact is interesting because this book was published in 1980 and concerns the career of the fi...

A Killing Kindness (1987) by Reginald Hill

Dialogues of the Dead (2003)

This book has really knocked this series over the edge from relatively realistic seeming detective novel into wild flights of fantasy type of story telling. In many ways it's totally silly, but Hill keeps an edge of realism about it, and I love it.Throughout Hill's books there have been many case...

Dialogues of the Dead (2003) by Reginald Hill

Death's Jest-Book (2002)

This is only the second novel I have read by this author and I enjoyed this a lot more than the first. There is just so much going on, strange letters from a released convict, a Roman horde to be shipped out of the country, a young drunk up on charges, a disturbed young woman and more! There we...

Death's Jest-Book (2002) by Reginald Hill

Bones and Silence (1991)

I'm sad to say this is the first Dalziel and Pascoe mystery that I didn't love. The main mystery was okay (the twists were good though it was a little annoying that only Dalziel was sufficiently suspicious of Swain) but the subplot was where I felt totally let down. It was just too unbelievable. ...

Bones and Silence (1991) by Reginald Hill

Arms And The Women (2001)

Cover copy calls this a work of intricacy, precision and psychological complexity. I cannot agree more emphatically. Yes, it's another in what one hopes is an endless line of Dalziel and Pascoe mysteries. And yes, it contains powerful, evocative writing."Here four men labored with shovels, their ...

Arms And The Women (2001) by Reginald Hill

An Advancement of Learning (1985)

First Sentence: There had been a great deal of snow that December, followed by a hard frost.Coultram College is expanding. To do so, the bronze statue of the former principal, Alison Girling, must be moved. Ms. Girling was killed five years ago on a winter trip in Austria. So why is her skele...

An Advancement of Learning (1985) by Reginald Hill

A Pinch of Snuff (1990)

An excellent Dalziel and Pascoe mystery. The subject matter is rather naughty -- a local film group that shows pornos, one of which is suspected to have an element of snuff film to it. This allegation is brought to the attention of Pascoe by his dentist. Pascoe checks it out and initially thinks ...

A Pinch of Snuff (1990) by Reginald Hill

Death Comes for the Fat Man (2007)

Although I've followed the adventures of Dalziel and Pascoe on TV, this is the first Reginald Hill book I've read. It's alleged that, unlike Colin Dexter with John Thaw's Morse, Reginald Hill does not approve of Warren Clarke playing Andy Dalziel in the TV adaptations of his novels (he isn't fat ...

Death Comes for the Fat Man (2007) by Reginald Hill