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Read Series: Daring Debutantes

by Author M.C. Beaton


Annabelle (2013)

This is my second novel by M. C. Beaton and I found it to be entertaining, but lacking a bit of something.Annabelle has been told by her mother that she must go and stay with her godmother Emmaline and make herself a good match. Everything rides on Annabelle finding a rich husband so she can make...

Annabelle (2013) by M.C. Beaton

Kitty (1979)

I really enjoyed this book. It's a short and sweet little treat that can easily be read in one sitting. It's the story of Kitty, a very naive young thing, who has a decidedly middle-class upbringing but learns upon her father's death that she is very rich indeed. Her mother--who had always been s...

Kitty (1979) by Marion Chesney

Molly (1988)

She was a cheeky American upstart who thought that beauty, brains, and bravery were enough to conquer London Society. Well, They'd show her! Nobody-but nobody spurned Lord David Manley, the most eligible bachelor in society. Soon she'd be trembling in his arms, desperately in love with the man sh...

Molly (1988) by Jennie Tremaine

Penelope (1989)

PASSION IN PERILPenelope has stolen the heart of the fabulous Earl of Hestleton--rich beyond words, handsome beyond compare, the most eligible lord in the realm--who thought he could toy with the pretty country miss, bring her out at Almack's, then toss her to the haut ton!But when the Earl learn...

Penelope (1989) by Marion Chesney

Henrietta (2005)

Twenty-six year old Henrietta Sandford is the unmarried sister of a country vicar. Her brother takes every opportunity to remind her how much she owes him and to bully Henrietta. Henrietta falls instantly in love with Lord Reckford, a handsome Corinthian when he visits a country assembly and pays...

Henrietta (2005) by Marion Chesney