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Read Series: Darwath

by Author Barbara Hambly


The Walls of Air (1997)

This second installment of the Darwath 'Trilogy' (in much the same way the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series is a trilogy) is a romping adventure. The first book, The Time of the Dark, is so intense and fraught with terror, that I love this second book because it simply gives us a bit of a ...

The Walls of Air (1997) by Barbara Hambly

Icefalcon's Quest (1998)

The Icefalcon is an interesting enigma of a character throughout Barbara Hambly's "Darwath" series. This book, "Icefalcon's Quest," is designed to flesh out and give the background of the Icefalcon. It's definitely a book that needed writing and actually does a pretty good job of giving us that i...

Icefalcon's Quest (1998) by Barbara Hambly

The Time of the Dark (2000)

Once, long ago, I recall walking through the Waldenbooks bookstore at my local mall, trying to find something new to read. After having crammed everything Middle-Earth related into my brain, I needed a new fix of epic fantasy adventure. Sure, I’d loved Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant books, read Moor...

The Time of the Dark (2000) by Barbara Hambly

The Armies of Daylight (1983)

This third book from the original Darwath Trilogy is so intense! I think the biggest intensity is of course, the main plot line. It's unpredictable, changing, and complex. Barbara Hambly does not telegraph her punches with pointless foreshadowing and constant reminders. Yes, she's kept certain id...

The Armies of Daylight (1983) by Barbara Hambly

Mother of Winter (1997)

This is a much-removed 4th installment of the world of Darwath, followed soon after by its 5th brother, Icefalcon's Quest. At this time in my life, I wasn't able to browse in bookstores anymore. When I saw these sitting on a shelf, I gasped and exclaimed in joy audibly, which was pretty embarrass...

Mother of Winter (1997) by Barbara Hambly