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Read Series: Deborah Knott

by Author Margaret Maron


Sand Sharks (2009)

Found 3 more Deborah Knott mysteries at the library. This is one of them. Deborah is a judge in NC. She is also the youngest child (and only girl) of a local bootlegger (First book Bottlegger's Daughter) She has 11 older brothers. This particular story takes place approximately 5-7 months after ...

Sand Sharks (2009) by Margaret Maron

Christmas Mourning (2010)

An easy reading Christmas cozy with a tangled mystery. District Judge Deborah Knott and chief sheriff's deputy Major Dwight Bryant are getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas together as man and wife. However, it promises not to be a quiet Christmas. In chapter 1, Mallory Johnson, the...

Christmas Mourning (2010) by Margaret Maron

Three-Day Town (2011)

It was nice to meet up with Sigrid Harold again, and with the use of poetic license, the author has us catching up with her just three years after the death of her artist husband. She is still grieving and still on the prickly side. I'd forgotten, but she will also appear in the next of the Judge...

Three-Day Town (2011) by Margaret Maron