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Read Series: Dirty Harriet

by Author Miriam Auerbach


Dirty Harriet Rides Again (2007)

After years of abuse by her husband, Boca Babe Harriet Horowitz made a split-second decision that ended her $100 manicures and $20,000 shopping sprees forever, and earned her the nickname Dirty Harriet. Defender of the downtrodden. But why do her cases keep leading back to the soul-sucking life s...

Dirty Harriet Rides Again (2007) by Miriam Auerbach

Dirty Harriet (2006)

SOMETIMES, A WOMAN'S GOT TO GET DIRTY TO GET THINGS CLEAN...Leaving the glamorous Boca Raton lifestyle behind wasn't easy for Boca-born Harriet Horowitz. But when she'd asked her physically abusive husband to make her day--he'd agreed (in front of 500 people)--and Harriet became single (a widow)....

Dirty Harriet (2006) by Miriam Auerbach