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Read Series: Dr David Audley & Colonel Jack Butler

by Author Anthony Price


The Old Vengeful (1983)

When David Audley, that most subtle of Intelligence chiefs, sends his insubordinate protege Paul Mitchell off to investigate a KGB operation by researching a long-forgotten naval engagement off France in 1812, it doesn't look to Mitchell as if it will lead anywhere. But the fate of the crew of th...

The Old Vengeful (1983) by Anthony Price

For The Good Of The State (1987)

General Zarubin, the Soviet mastermind, confronts his Number Two, the infinitely wily Professor Nikolai Andrievich Panin, on a point overlooking the British Channel. Meanwhile, Henry Jaggard of British Intelligence, has two pressing problems. He knows the Soviets are mounting a defensive program...

For The Good Of The State (1987) by Anthony Price

Gunner Kelly (1989)

An innocent advertisement placed by a retired war hero and British countryside squire leads to explosive results when the IRA becomes involved. Spymaster David Audley of British Intelligence is assigned the case and quickly finds evidence of involvement by the CIA and KGB!

Gunner Kelly (1989) by Anthony Price

The Labyrinth Makers (1979)

This book, the first in the series, is set 25 years after WWII. David Audley is a desk man in British intelligence, who is suddenly asked to go into the field. During the war, a pilot was smuggling from war torn Berlin to Britain. He intended to do one last haul, of something so valuable that Rus...

The Labyrinth Makers (1979) by Anthony Price

Here Be Monsters (1987)

The death of a former member of the elite U.S. Army ranger fighting force is the opening salvo in a new battle between Dr. David Audley of British Intelligence and the KGB. Twelfth in a series of novels about this intellectual spy, including the most recent Sion Crossing. Newspaper advertising in...

Here Be Monsters (1987) by Anthony Price

The Alamut Ambush (1986)

The Assassin — He was right at home in Alamut. It was there, in Northern Persia in the eleventh century, that the sect of the Assassins began at Hashashin Castle. And it is from there today that a new killer comes to spread murder throughout the Middle East. From the moment the classic car belong...

The Alamut Ambush (1986) by Anthony Price

Sion Crossing (1989)

In this, the author's 14th David Audley novel, Oliver St John Latimer - the Deputy-Director of the Research and Development Section of British Intelligence - is sent to deepest Georgia. Here he follows in the footsteps of General Sherman's troops to the Sion Crossing ruins, with fearful results.

Sion Crossing (1989) by Anthony Price

Other Paths to Glory (2015)

Paul Mitchell spends his days researching WWI; his quiet life in the library can hardly be in greater contrast to the carnage he studies. Until, that is, the present catches up with him in the shape of Dr Audley of the MOD. Why does Audley want to know what really happened during the battle for H...

Other Paths to Glory (2015) by Anthony Price

War Game (1988)

In the rural peace of modern England a war game recreates the slaughter of the Civil War. But when the battle ends, a real corpse is left it the Swine Brook; and an aristocratic but impoverished revolutionary claims to have found a cache of 'Cromwell's Gold'.When David Audley is called in, sevent...

War Game (1988) by Anthony Price