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Read Series: Dr. Earl Garnet

by Author Peter Clement


Lethal Practice (1998)

St. Paul's Hospital. Buffalo, New York.Scandal rocks the medical community when someone murders the chief administrator, plunging a long thin cardiac needle into his heart with deadly precision. Top ER physician Earl Garnet is one of the few doctors who knows how to insert a cardiac needle. Now a...

Lethal Practice (1998) by Peter Clement

Death Rounds (1999)

BREEDING GROUND When a nurse in Buffalo dies at St. Paul's Hospital of a once-treatable bacteria, Dr. Earl Garnet and his colleagues try to remain calm. They track the origin of the sickness to University Hospital. But as the infection rages out of control there and more people fall gravely ill-...

Death Rounds (1999) by Peter Clement

Mortal Remains (2003)

In a small upstate New York town, an idyllic lake yields a ghastly discovery when the skeletal remains of a young woman missing for twenty-seven years are pulled from the icy depths&; along with unmistakable evidence of her murder. Suddenly, the long-dormant case of Kelly McShane Braden’s mysteri...

Mortal Remains (2003) by Peter Clement

The Inquisitor (2005)

It’s spring in Buffalo, New York. At sprawling St. Paul’s Hospital, new interns rush through the halls, staff doctors scramble to catch their protégés’ mistakes, and everyone is aware of one unrelenting threat: A new and vicious strain of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has hit America h...

The Inquisitor (2005) by Peter Clement