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Read Series: Dragonlance: Heroes

by Author Nancy Varian Berberick


Stormblade (2004)

The second in a series of recovers of classic Dragonlance novel tales. This attractive new re-release of Stormblade showcases a new look for the Heroes series. Each title in the series will reflect the new series design and feature entirely new cover art.

Stormblade (2004) by Nancy Varian Berberick

Galen Beknighted (1990)

The Reluctant Knight Returns Becoming a knight has changed the Weasel very little. Galen Pathwarden is still reluctant to adventure, still out to save his own skin at virtually any cost. But when his brother Brithelm vanishes mysteriously, Galen sets aside his better judgement and embarks on a q...

Galen Beknighted (1990) by Michael   Williams

The Legend of Huma (2004)

A very bland heroic fantasy, lacking intrigue or excitement. Perhaps I didn't enjoy this simply because I have very limited knowledge of the Dragonlance world. Or perhaps I didn't enjoy it because the plot just plodded along from one scene to the next, with nothing outstanding grasping me. I disl...

The Legend of Huma (2004) by Richard A. Knaak