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Read Series: Elizabeth Macpherson

by Author Sharyn McCrumb


The PMS Outlaws (2001)

I love reading Sharyn McCrumb. She is so funny, while at the same time showing a really deep understanding of people and a keen eye for the small truths of life. In this book she tells several concurrent stories. Elizabeth is in a private mental facility because she is having trouble accepting ...

The PMS Outlaws (2001) by Sharyn McCrumb

MacPherson's Lament (1993)

"Elizabeth has returned from England to Danville, Virginia, on two missions of mercy. She must rescue her brother Bill, a novice lawyer, from charge of fraud and a rather nasty jail term ...and try to reconcile her parents, who are unaccountably ending their marriage of more than twenty-five yea...

MacPherson's Lament (1993) by Sharyn McCrumb

Sick of Shadows (1989)

Um. Well. I guess, in order to keep Amazon happy, as well as fans of this book, I ADORE THIS AUTHOR!But this particular novel makes the sacrifice by the trees to print it a shame. Fortunately, I downloaded it. I think it was a cozy mystery. I think. It was difficult to tell, though, at least fo...

Sick of Shadows (1989) by Sharyn McCrumb

Missing Susan (1995)

Elizabeth MacPherson/Dawson cozies confound because they are a little off-kilter. Not quite mysteries, generally speaking, although there usually is a murder, not quite always 'solved', although sometimes someone does solve it - never Elizabeth herself - but the murder is never the focus, and whi...

Missing Susan (1995) by Sharyn McCrumb

The Windsor Knot (1991)

Elizabeth MacPherson is a feather-brained shallow woman who nonetheless becomes periphally involved in nearby murders. She is a teacher and is studying forensic anthropology for her graduate degree. However, to her dead bodies are similar to rocks; her real passions are her Scottish boyfriend, Ca...

The Windsor Knot (1991) by Sharyn McCrumb

Highland Laddie Gone (1991)

OK, I think I'm done with Elizabeth. I remember loving this series many years ago, but I am not feeling any depth of character in the rereading.The good: The Highland Games setting. She describes the weirdness and conversation of the "role-playing" people who seem to be obsessed with such events....

Highland Laddie Gone (1991) by Sharyn McCrumb

Lovely in Her Bones (1990)

'Lovely in Her Bones' is funny and charming. It's also shallow and lightweight, where characterization and depth are always sacrificed for the gag, bit or joke. Not that that is bad, it is what it is; a humorous cozy following an addled, clueless young woman who gets involved in deadly events, ev...

Lovely in Her Bones (1990) by Sharyn McCrumb