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Read Series: Emma Holden Suspense Mystery

by Author Paul Pilkington


The One You Fear (2000)

I enjoyed The One You Love so much, I held this book to a high standard even before I started reading it, and it did not disappoint. Although The One You Fear did not have as much action I really enjoyed it. This book had a great plot and kept me guessing the whole time I was reading. The best pa...

The One You Fear (2000) by Paul  Pilkington

The One You Love (2000)

Well .. I was feeling bored a little bit, I found this book in Amazon store, and it was for free. I thought it'd be a great chance for me to get rid of my boredom, and to improve my English at the same time.This was a good novel, and I'm curious about the sequels.However, I think the story was a ...

The One You Love (2000) by Paul  Pilkington