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Read Series: Ender's Shadow

by Author Orson Scott Card


Shadow Puppets (2003)

I've got to speak some truth to power: This is a lousy book. Ender's Game was pretty cool. The other three books in the Enderverse were progressively less good, but still all right. The first two books in the Beanverse (or whatever we want to call them)... not so great, but kind of fun, I guess? ...

Shadow Puppets (2003) by Orson Scott Card

Ender's Shadow (2002)

With all honesty, I don’t know what to say right after I finished this book. The book never failed to impress me as it failed my first impression. Yes—my first impression. The fact that I didn’t read yet the Ender’s Game series made me hesitate in pursuing reading the Ender’s Shadow. Credit to Or...

Ender's Shadow (2002) by Orson Scott Card

Shadow of the Giant (2005)

It's hard to write a review for a book like Shadow of the Giant, because it's really just the last chapter of a much larger story. I give 5 stars on this review not only because Giant was a great book by itself, but it also ends the series with the greatness it deserves.Here is the order you sho...

Shadow of the Giant (2005) by Orson Scott Card

Shadow of the Hegemon (2001)

This book moved along at a pretty good clip. It was easy to read and kind of entertaining. I like Bean. So it was OK.Except that it was really pretty terrible. All the Battle School kids are back on earth and they are basically shunted away as being "just" children. That means that all the k...

Shadow of the Hegemon (2001) by Orson Scott Card