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Read Series: Epona

by Author Judith Tarr


White Mare's Daughter (1998)

The saga of Sarama, the beautiful, headstrong young priestess of a nomadic warrior band. Her majestic white horse is the earthly incarnation of the goddess Epona; her fateful odyssey to a great city where women still rule, unleashes an epic clash of cultures that changes the course of history.

White Mare's Daughter (1998) by Judith Tarr

Lady of Horses (2002)

This is a historical novel with elements of fantasy set around 6,000BC, around the time horses were first domesticated. I do find the pre-historical period fascinating. So much of what we think of as human originates in that period and I've found few novels set in that era other than Auel's serie...

Lady of Horses (2002) by Judith Tarr

The Shepherd Kings (2001)

So little is known about the Egypt of the Hyksos conquest that authors can arrange their plots pretty much as they choose, around a few known historical persons. Here Tarr has connected with Egypt's adoption of the horse and war chariot, which had been used by their foreign conquerors, to in turn...

The Shepherd Kings (2001) by Judith Tarr

Daughter of Lir (2003)

In this sequel to White Mare's Daughter, the people of the horse goddess once more face the threat of war. Generations ago, the people of the White Mare migrated westward, through the great forests, until they met and clashed with the people of the cities of the Mother. They brought war to the c...

Daughter of Lir (2003) by Judith Tarr