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Read Series: Evan Delaney

by Author Meg Gardiner


Kill Chain (2007)

I am a huge Meg Gardiner fan. She is an expert at weaving a thrilling tale and this one is right up there with the rest. I was devastated at the end of Crosscut, and while Kill Chain made me feel a little better, I'm still agonizing over the plight of Evan Delaney. Honestly, I think that's the...

Kill Chain (2007) by Meg Gardiner

Mission Canyon (2015)

Mission Canyon is a place of nightmares and regrets for Evan Delaney and her fiancé, Jessie. It’s been just over three years since Jessie and his best friend, Isaac, where run down while riding their bikes up in Mission Canyon. For Jessie, it’s meant piecing his life back together; physical thera...

Mission Canyon (2015) by Meg Gardiner

Jericho Point (2005)

When a young woman tumbles dead onto the beach, the police identify the body. It's Evan Delaney. Except that Evan is very much alive. It's her identify that has been stolen. And the thief has compromised more than just Evan's bank account. She has been scamming money from rich Hollywood wannabes ...

Jericho Point (2005) by Meg Gardiner

China Lake (2003)

Evan Delaney is shocked to learn that her ex-sister-in-law, Tabitha, has joined the Remnant, a religion with a dangerous and fanatical following. What is more alarming is that the unstable young mother plans to regain custody of her son and disappear with him into the fold of the church. She has ...

China Lake (2003) by Meg Gardiner

Crosscut (2005)

For Evan Delaney, China Lake was a tough place to grow up. But she didn't realize just how tough until, returning to the desert military base for her high school reunion, she discovers that a disturbing number of her classmates have died young.

Crosscut (2005) by Meg Gardiner