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Read Series: Factory Series

by Author Derek Raymond


Dead Man Upright (1993)

Never before available in the U.S., the final episode in the Factory Series is another unrelenting investigation with the nameless detective into the black soul of Thatcher’s England.The fifth and final book in the author’s acclaimed Factory Series was published just after Derek Raymond’s death, ...

Dead Man Upright (1993) by Derek Raymond

The Devil's Home on Leave (2007)

"Where I go, the ghosts go. I go where the evil is."The second instalment in Derek Raymond's seminal five part British Noir series, The Factory may not be as bleak as the first part, He Died With His Eyes Open but what it lacks in existential anguish it makes up for in grisly, disturbing and seed...

The Devil's Home on Leave (2007) by Derek Raymond

I Was Dora Suarez (1990)

Extremely harrowing read.Possibly the best in the "Factory Series" but I wouldn't swear to it in a court of law.For all that's righteous - please read this novel. But read the 1st 3 first.Having been called back to A14 by the Deputy Commander known only as “the voice” but never actually seen by ...

I Was Dora Suarez (1990) by Derek Raymond

He Died With His Eyes Open (2006)

He Died with His Eyes Open: Derek Raymond's Novel of Who Speaks for the Dead who Don't MatterFrom the Reviewer First Edition, Abacus Press, 1984Derek Raymond was the pen name of English writer Robin Cook, 1931-1994. When he began writing the Factory novels in 1984, he took the pen name to avoi...

He Died With His Eyes Open (2006) by James Sallis