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Read Series: Fantasyland

by Author Kristen Ashley


Fantastical (2000)

4 Stars. Usually a pretty enjoyable romp through fantasy land. I enjoyed the part with Noc thinking Cora is insane and offering to get her help (because in that situation, who wouldn't think that?!). I liked Tor, and that even when he didn't like Cora he was still a pretty decent guy to her (thou...

Fantastical (2000) by Kristen Ashley

The Golden Dynasty (2000)

The plot, characters and pacing of the story were all well executed, and I really enjoyed the steamy sex scenes (there is a rape scene but is not explicit at all). However, I found the writing too colloquial (e.g. "her eyes got big") and unsophisticated. The author also describes the clothing and...

The Golden Dynasty (2000) by Kristen Ashley