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Read Series: Fern Capel

by Author Jan Siegel


Prospero's Children (2001)

A fun and sweet book, this is more of a young-adult novel than an adult novel, although it is marketed towards adults. The protagonist, Fern, is a sixteen-year-old girl with a strong personality in a small world comprising her brother, father, and their mysterious inherited Yorkshire manor. The b...

Prospero's Children (2001) by Jan Siegel

The Witch Queen (2003)

A great, if somewhat bittersweet ending to a solid trilogy. I don’t know why this book series is not more widely read than it is. Though I thought that the initial book in the trilogy had a few issues, the writing got better and better, culminating in the very well written final volume, with soli...

The Witch Queen (2003) by Jan Siegel

The Dragon Charmer (2002)

I found this novel to be very fast reading, fun, moody, sometimes verging on horror (it was definitely dark fantasy), and an improvement over the first installment in this series. Some of the problems I had with the first volume in the series – a dull second act, or at least one in which nothing ...

The Dragon Charmer (2002) by Jan Siegel