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Read Series: For The Love Of Sami

by Author Fayrene Preston


Mysterious (1986)

"My name," she whispered in soft, secret tones, "is Jennifer--just Jennifer--and no questions, please." Then she murmured a request so surprising that Jerome Mailer could only stare at her exquisite, shadowy profile in the bar's half-light. Beckoned by a breathtaking vision into a maelstrom of un...

Mysterious (1986) by Fayrene Preston

For the Love of Sami (1984)

Unpredictable heiress Sami Adkinson had endeared herself to the most surprising people - from the bag ladies in the park she protected ... to the mobster who appointed himself her guardian ... to her exasperated but loving friends. Then Sami was arrested while demonstrating to save baby seals, an...

For the Love of Sami (1984) by Fayrene Preston