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Read Series: Forever Faithful

by Author Karen Kingsbury


Waiting for Morning (2002)

Waiting For Morning by Karen Kingsbury.Hannah loses her husband and one daughter as they were hit by a drunk driver flying through the light and hit them so hard two immediately died on the spot.Hannah has a daughter that did live through the accident but Hannah can’t be there for her as she beli...

Waiting for Morning (2002) by Karen Kingsbury

A Moment of Weakness (2000)

I honestly don't really know how to rate or review this book. There were parts of it I loved, and parts where I just wanted to throw the book across the room. I think I'll have to try something new, and do a review in bullet form.Things I Liked* The childhood friendship between Jade and Tanner. V...

A Moment of Weakness (2000) by Karen Kingsbury

Halfway to Forever (2002)

You wept with them as they were Waiting for Morning You shared their Moment of Weakness Now they face the greatest struggles of their lives. Matt and Hannah Bronzan have found a new life in the face of devastating loss.  Together with Hannah’s daughter, Jenny, they are finally moving forward—tow...

Halfway to Forever (2002) by Karen Kingsbury