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Read Series: Forgotten Realms: Avatar

by Author Troy Denning


Waterdeep (1989)

So Waterdeep was a vast improvement on Tantras. Kelemvor and Midnight almost ruined it for me with their high school level romance, but the intricacies of Cyric's relationship with the sword, Adon's struggle and insights into the world of religion and philosophy in Faerun, and a healthy dose of ...

Waterdeep (1989) by Troy Denning

Tantras (1989)

Let's take a look at the four main pillars of a story as applied to this work.First, characters. The characters in this book were relatable enough, and though not completely developed as one would hope, they were easy to follow, understand, and run along side with. Though I will admit that Adon w...

Tantras (1989) by Scott Ciencin

Prince of Lies (1993)

In my opinion one of the best Forgotten Realms books ever. Though from the original printing it wasn't immediately apparent it is the fourth book in the Avatar series. Later printings made that clearer. I loved the original series and was glad to be able to revisit the characters after their asce...

Prince of Lies (1993) by James Lowder

Shadowdale (1989)

Novelising the move from 1st to 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons24 March 2012tBack in 1989 it was decided by TSR that it was well and truly time to reinvigorate the AD&D system, and to be honest it was sorely needed. The gave was about 20 years old at this stage and it had been evolving continuousl...

Shadowdale (1989) by Scott Ciencin