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Read Series: Friend-Zoned

by Author Belle Aurora


Friend-Zoned (2000)

The only reason why I didn't 5 stars is because the guys and the boys thing is not my thing. I don't like how Mimi, Lola, Nat and Tina went to the club together, went to Nik's house together, i mean it's awkward. You are close with each other, fine but is it a need to go to anywhere together? Wha...

Friend-Zoned (2000) by Belle Aurora

Love Thy Neighbour (2013)

Loved book 1 and loved book 2. As was in the first, the characters and overall feeling of this story is just great. Its a feel good story, although it did have its moments of sadness in what Nat had to go through with Cole and her PCOS and what Asher went through as a young child with his very ab...

Love Thy Neighbour (2013) by Belle Aurora