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Read Series: Friends Trilogy

by Author Kathryn Smith


A Game of Scandal (2002)

He had made a proposal of marriage... to a woman who is now the most scandalous female in London.When Gabriel Warren, the handsome Earl of Angelwood, offered marriage to Lady Lilith Mallory, he thought his happiness was complete. But then they were, discovered in very compromising circumstances -...

A Game of Scandal (2002) by Kathryn Smith

A Seductive Offer (2002)

A proposal of marriage she could not refuse... Lord Braven has saved Rachel Ashton's life twice, it seems-when he snatched her from the icy Yorkshire river...and when he offered to marry her. Now the desperate miss will be rid forever of the repulsive husband-to-be her horrid stepfather has "sol...

A Seductive Offer (2002) by Kathryn Smith